MaChelle Rasinzeski, Administrative Assistant


MaChelle Rasinzeski recently joined the Camp Rainbow Foundation as our part-time Administrative Assistant.


MaChelle comes from an Insurance background that started shortly after graduation working mainly on the commercial side.  Wanting a new path she switched industries and began working for Neilson Media Research as an Executive Assistant.  While working for Neilson Media she married, started a family and relocated to Pennsylvania.  At that time she made a conscious decision to stay home with her children whom are now 13 and 11. After 10 years of co-chairing and volunteering for some very successful fund raising efforts, MaChelle was inspired to join the Camp Rainbow Foundation.


Having been exposed to childhood cancer through the experiences of several friends the idea that she can be part of an organization that gives back in such an important way to children is remarkable.  MaChelle looks forward to being a part of a big idea that brings so much happiness back to children who need it.